Family H. (2014) – Switzerland

  • 2014

We couldn’t be better! Our two girls are thriving. They’re healthy and lively and extremely happy little kids, they smile from ear to ear and are just adorable. They are both making huge progress.

Every two weeks we take them to the physio, initially because of their “pointy heads” and now to help improve their muscle development. “Little” A has caught up well and is just as active as she was in the womb, while Soraya is tranquillity personified. She enjoys lying around and gazing at everything with her big eyes. They’re both battlers and both incredibly content. We believe they calm each other down, since they’ve been sleeping through the night since they were three months old, which has obviously been a great help to us. L is also great; he is so sweet to them even though he sometimes nearly smothers them with brotherly love. Every time we look at our little ones we feel so incredibly grateful. It is indescribable, simply the best thing in life. We will never forget you, xxx! We’ve attached a couple of photos for you. We’ll be in touch!

Family H. (2014)