Family Sarabiev. – Russia

  • 10.09.2015

We are Ekatherina and Alexei Sarabiev – a small family from Russia. We live in a small town near Moscow. When at 21st week of pregnancy a fetal malformation called spina bifida was diagnosed we were actually shocked. But the specialist from the fetal surgery center of the University Children’s Hospital Zurich came to help us.

They performed elaborated prenatal surgery for defect reconstruction. Also they did everything for my rehabilitation and preparation for birth. Our son Feodor was born on 28th July 2015. The spina bifida defect was totally closed and activity of legs existed. After complete examination we realized that we’ve reached our aim. Brain, bladder, legs – everything works! Of course there are some anatomical disturbances, but they do not seem to affect the baby’s quality of life.
The high professionalism of the multidisciplinary team should be noticed! Before the operation, complete clinical examination was performed. Based on the results of this examination, Professor Meuli clearly explained what are the chances for the child and what are the risks for the mother. During all the period of treatment, we were under care of Program Coordinator Barbara Casanova, who helped to solve all the many non-medical problems. Also we should thank Professor Zimmermann, Professor Ochsenbein, doctor Kraehenmann and all other doctors and midwifes of clinic of Obstetrics of the University Hospital Zurich for close attention and care during those long days, during which I had to stay in hospital.
Specialists of fetal surgery center did everything what was possible for our child to let him live full life!
Now, Feodor is 6 weeks and till now everything is going well.