Ultrasound scanning

An ultrasound scan can show the presence of an amniotic sac in the uterus immediately after the first missed period (1). After only six weeks the embryonic heart is beating and the embryo can be visualized (2). A check is performed later to confirm that only one embryo is present and to determine whether the embryo is developing normally and all its organs are correctly formed. In the second half of pregnancy the fetus has a recognizable face (3). Special techniques visualize the fetal blood vessels, e.g. in the brain (4). Other techniques can measure the direction and velocity of blood flow and thus provide information on the perfusion of various organs (5). Using 3D ultrasound even a lay person can easily recognize the developing fetus (image of fetus at week 11 of pregnancy). Details such as the hands and face can be seen very vividly (6).

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