Coordinator of fetal surgery programme


Barbara Casanova completed her studies in psychology at the University of Zurich and graduated with a master’s degree in 2007.
In early 2014, Ms. Casanova started working at the University Children’s Hospital as the first coordinator of the fetal surgery program. She has been instrumental in structuring and standardizing the fetal surgery program.
As a result of the constantly increasing numbers of new patients from Switzerland and abroad, the coordination team has also grown. Ms. Casanova took on the leadership of the coordination team (prenatal coordination, postnatal coordination = Spina Bifida Center) and supports the fetal surgery team in all clinical, academic, organizational and administrative tasks. Ms. Casanova’s language skills (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) are a great advantage in this. Having herself gone through two difficult pregnancies, involving months of hospitalization and two premature deliveries, she has particular experience and sensitivity when it comes to prenatal issues.
She plans to undertake a PhD in psychology, which will examine various psychological aspects connected with fetal surgery.

Barbara Casanova grew up in South America and lives in the city of Zurich with her family.


Montserrat Blazquez has been working in the coordination team of the fetal surgery program at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich since October 2017 and supports the fetal surgery team in all organizational and administrative tasks. Ms. Blazquez looks after patients from their very first moment of contact and supports families through the entire prenatal phase up to the child’s neonatal stay in the University Children’s Hospital Zurich. Throughout this period, Ms. Blazquez acts as an important contact person for patients and supports both of the parents and their relatives in all non-medical concerns. This is especially important for international patients (around 75%).
Ms. Blazquez speaks German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese and has extensive experience in client-oriented work. She particularly values direct, personal contact with patients as well as the long-term support of families.
Montserrat Blazquez is a Swiss national with Spanish roots. She lives in the canton of Zurich.


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